LAGSCA Screens Mysterious China: Yibin, the Gateway to the Yangtze

On a warm Saturday afternoon at Amat House at the beautiful Mount Saint Mary’s University campus, our Association had the honor and pleasure of featuring a documentary by the renowned and respected filmmaker Chris D. Nebe.  Mr. Nebe is mostly known for his “Mysterious China” series of documentaries that have introduced places and topics such as Tibet, Yangzhou, Jiangsu, Dali, Kungfu Masters and the Silk Road.  

A nice crowd of LAGSCA members, friends, students, media and invited guests were treated to Mr. Nebe’s film “Yibin, Golden Gate of the Yangtze River”.  Using all the techniques he has developed over a long career in cinema, Chris Nebe introduced the wonders and history of this little-known city in Sichuan.  Located where two great rivers meet, the Yangtze and the Min, Yibin is a fount of ancient and modern history, culture and modernity. 

Yibin’s history is introduced, tracing its early beginnings as a Ming Dynasty outpost to the site of intense military action and regular bombing raids during WWII

Yibin is famous, among many reasons, as the corporate headquarters of the Wuliangye brand of fiery Chinese baijiu.  Wuliangye wine is made from five organic grains.  It is a household name in China and is exported around the world. It is the largest employer in the city and representative of the kind of go-go economy Yibin is famous for.

The hour-long documentary was very much enjoyed by all gathered friends.  Upon the conclusion of the film, writer, director and producer Chris Nebe fielded questions from the audience.  Aside from what will become the first of many films LAGSCA plans to screen, it was another good opportunity for everyone to mix and mingle, enjoy refreshments and discuss US-China news and affairs.

We were especially honored to have Vice-Consul Shao Junying and his family on hand for the movie.  The China Consulate General has always shown so much support for our Association.  Reporters from People’s Daily, Xinhua and China Daily also attended the event and wrote about it in their newspapers.

Thanks to the success of this first outing, be looking for more of these documentaries from LAGSCA. These events are meant to bring together people who are interested to learn about China and promote the people-to-people friendly relations that our Association stands for.

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